Digital campaign doubles expected leads for medical device brand


Smith+Nephew is a prominent global medical device company based in the UK, specializing in wound management products. This campaign focuses on its product, the LEAF Patient Monitoring System, a modern, high-tech system designed to reduce incidence of pressure injuries (bedsores) by personalizing turn protocols, improving adherence to those protocols and confirming the quality of each turn.

The Challenge

Patients lying in a hospital bed for an extended period of time are susceptible to pressure injuries, or bedsores. Some pressure injuries can lead to severe complications and even death. Pressure injury prevention guidelines have long stated that turning patients every two hours is optimal. However, competing priorities and outdated technology often prevent hospital staff from verifying if a patient has been turned properly and at the right intervals. Our challenge was to communicate both the importance and the effectiveness of the LEAF System to alleviate these issues.


We considered several potential audiences to target – from decision-makers in supply ordering to those who influenced them – as well as many possible messages we could convey – from explaining the logistics of the system to proving the system’s value using stats and case studies. By interviewing stakeholders and by testing a variety of ads, we were able to narrow our targeting to the audience we could influence most, and the messaging that meant the most to them.


The overarching creative strategy was to convey that if a hospital is not using the LEAF System, it is living in the past. On a more granular level, we tested ads with a variety of image types to determine which ones consistently garnered the best response rates and most leads, then tailored future ads based on our findings.


Our focus for the LEAF System has always been lead generation, and the best channels for lead generation have proven to be digitally based, thanks to excellent options for targeting, testing, tracking and optimizing campaigns. We generate a high volume of quality leads, and our media placements offer excellent opportunities to engage our key audiences.

The Results

During the 18-month digital campaign, we exceeded opt-in lead expectations, showcasing the campaign’s substantial effectiveness in generating interest among the key audiences we identified. Moreover, from 2021 to 2022, we achieved a noteworthy improvement in the overall campaign’s efficiency. Ultimately, we not only met, but surpassed critical lead benchmarks.



the expected leads delivered

5 1 %

increase in lead generation

1 7 %

higher lead form completion rate than industry benchmark

8 %

improvement in campaign efficiency

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