Media Planning & Buying

Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

Change – it’s the one constant in today’s media landscape. Fortunately, our planners and buyers embrace it. Whether they’re reducing costs per click or increasing impressions (or both), our media pros connect the right message with the right audiences at the right time as efficiently as possible. Their secret? Experience, data smarts and negotiation skills that rival hostage negotiators. 

  • Traditional

    Sure, print advertising is declining. But don’t sleep on TV, outdoor, radio or even print as potentially powerful pieces of integrated campaigns. We see the data every day – like the correlation between TV flights and online traffic – and it reminds us that campaigns aren’t really traditional or digital anymore. They’re more tradigital, a mix of whatever makes the best sense for your brand and consumers.

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  • Digital

    Digital advertising has expanded beyond the banner ad to include social media advertising, video pre-roll and even native ads. And it all runs on data. From programmatic buying and retargeting to online ads triggered by offline purchasing, we use real-time data to get the most out of every digital-media dollar. Our digital strategists target consumers demographically, contextually, behaviorally and, frankly, obsessively. And then they optimize just as zealously.

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  • Search

    Sometimes the best strategy is to simply be where people are looking – and top of mind means top of page on Google and Bing. It begins by identifying the best keywords for your business and budget and then constantly optimizing based on how the ads perform.

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  • Sponsorships

    Entertainment venues. Community events. Sports. Music. Sponsorship opportunities run the gamut – and so does our experience making them work for brands. But on-site efforts are just the tip of the iceberg. Extending sponsorships online, offline and into social media is like giving them dozens of encores and extra innings.

Media. Reach the right people on the right budget.

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