Ricky Cadden


Ricky grew up with a passion for technology and dreams of becoming an architect, so he built himself a 15-year career constructing digital marketing strategies and systems for small startups and big-name brands alike. Majoring in management and marketing, he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Abilene Christian University and has extensive experience building marketing programs for companies like RadioShack, Sabre and Sprint. Ricky joined the B Team in 2021 to lead digital efforts – including email strategy, search engine optimization and data analysis – for the agency’s clients. A native of Fort Worth, he enjoys spending time outdoors and lives in Weatherford with his wife, Christina; their two daughters; and dog, Baxter.


  • Ricky is pretty sure he was the first person to livestream his wedding in 2009, using four smartphones and an online interface to capture over 50,000 viewers all over the world.
  • Ricky names all of his vehicles; thus far, he’s driven Gomer, Little Booger, The Beast, HOSS, Franklin, Old Blue and Joyride.
  • Ricky believes Thanksgiving is the last pure holiday and has a very strict “No Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving” rule.

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