Stephanie Orges


Stephanie began her career in advertising with Balcom in 2008 as an intern, and came on full time in 2009, armed with a penchant for creative writing that has given her versatility in voice and style. She has a few American Advertising Awards to prove it, including a Best of Broadcast, Best of Interactive, and a Special Judges' Award. Whether it’s a video script, a Google ad or an entire website, Stephanie has wordsmithed for a variety of clients, including Dairy MAX, LifeGift and Sinclair Oil Corporation. Originally from Watauga, Texas, Stephanie also writes fiction on the side and runs a writing blog with readers all over the world.


  • Stephanie has a pit bull rescue named Charlie – and a ukulele named Don Quixote.
  • A 2011 blog post of Stephanie's still ranks in the top Google search results for "types of narrator."
  • Stephanie once won a Macarena competition while dressed as Minnie Mouse.

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