Film & Video Production

Lights. Camera. Call to Action.

Video is not just about moving pictures; it’s about moving people to action. Being full-service means we dig deep to understand your brand and your needs and then bring together minds in all different disciplines, from writing and cinematography to social media and analytics, to ensure every element of your video is designed to fit into your broader marketing strategy.

From fun little Facebook videos to cinematic national TV spots, our award-winning experience runs the gamut.

Balcom's Top TV Spots and Pre-Roll Ads

  • Video Production

    Bucking broncos, dancing puppets, mouthwatering food and flying saucers: our team has done it all, so we have all kinds of tools in our belt to help you find the right creative idea for your brand. Whether it’s scripted adventures or documentary-style interviews, you’ll choose the direction and we’ll take care of the details.

  • Animation

    Turn complicated into captivated. Animation may sound like child’s play – and it can be – but it also helps sell some of the most complex technology in sectors like manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. The style can be bright and playful or somber and gritty – whatever best fits your brand, tells your story and tickles your fancy.

  • Photography

    Film and photography often go hand in hand. Our talented staff photographers have experience shooting food, lifestyle, products and portraits; high-concept photography, using trampolines and smoke machines; and step-by-step guides for using medical devices. Let us help you build a whole library of captured moments that can last you for years to come.

Film and video. Move audiences to action with video.

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