An integrated campaign doubled traffic for an eye care clinic in 2 years


Pediatric Eye Specialists is one of the most comprehensive vision care centers in North Texas, offering ophthalmologists, optometrists and orthoptists who specialize in treating children.

The Challenge

This campaign started in 2013, when Pediatric Eye Specialists came to Balcom to help tell parents about their serious pediatric vision work – from prescribing glasses to correcting strabismus – without boring or scaring away the kids. The creative concept Balcom developed was used to help increase patient visits – especially to the new Mansfield location.

Everything for little peeps ad on a bench
More than meets the eye.
Warm without the fuzzy.


Based on what we learned from past campaigns and the trend toward mobile, we developed a strategy featuring a balanced use of channels, but with more focus on mobile and a specific goal of driving business to the new Mansfield location.


Toy animals in cool specs gave the clinic a cuddly personality, and big, friendly headlines focused the message, in a campaign that worked across online and print ads, bus benches and social media. We paired this creative with ads profiling the founding doctors, and a social media contest that invited followers to submit photos of their bespectacled kids.


We tracked the success of the campaign using Google Analytics as well as analytics from ads on Facebook. Specifically, we tracked online conversions including requesting an appointment, filling out the contact form, and click-to-call on mobile.
Facebook page for Pediatric Eyes
Facebook post Rangers Facebook post
Pediatric eyes on mobile and desktop

The Results

Increased web traffic by 150% over two years.



Lowered the cost per conversion by 10%


Raised mobile click-through rate by 60%


Increased web traffic from Mansfield by 78%


Grew new patient count by 13.4% (in the first phase of the campaign)


2016 Fort Worth American Advertising Awards

  • Silver ADDY – Public Transit Ad, Exterior
  • Silver ADDY – Out-of-Home Campaign
  • Bronze ADDY – Public Transit Ad, Exterior

2016 Healthcare Advertising Awards

  • Merit – Fuzzy Animals Bus Bench – Outdoor

2014 District American Advertising Awards

  • Silver ADDY – Magazine Campaign
  • Bronze ADDY – Outdoor Campaign

2014 Fort Worth American Advertising Awards

  • Gold ADDY – Out-of-Home, Campaign
  • Gold ADDY – Advertising for the Arts and Sciences, Single Medium Campaign
  • Gold ADDY – Advertising for the Arts and Sciences, Integrated Campaign
  • Silver ADDY – Out-of-Home, Flat
  • Silver ADDY – Consumer or Trade Publication
  • Bronze ADDY – Consumer or Trade Publication

2014 Healthcare Advertising Awards

  • Gold – “Everything for Little Peeps” – Magazine Series
  • Gold – “Everything for Little Peeps” – Outdoor
  • Silver – “When Carrots Won’t Cut It” – Magazine Single
  • Merit – “Everything for Little Peeps” – Total Advertising Without TV

2014 PRSA Worthy Award

  • Worthy Award – Integrated Marketing Communications

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