Influencer campaign blows past goals for medical brand


Smith+Nephew is a prominent global medical device company based in the UK, specializing in wound management products. This campaign focuses on their dressing product, ALLEVYN◊ LIFE, designed to help protect against pressure injuries (commonly known as pressure ulcers or bedsores) and manage exudate (wound fluid), with an emphasis on the latter.

The Challenge

Nurses have high-demand, high-stress jobs. As the ones often on the front lines in patient care, they must frequently make quick, educated decisions on specific varieties of devices and products that best fit the needs of their patients. Our challenge was to raise awareness of ALLEVYN LIFE – a challenger wound care dressing from Smith+Nephew – helping keep it top of mind for these busy nurses who might treat wounds or prevent pressure injuries.


Lucky for us, the form and function of ALLEVYN LIFE is easily demonstrable. On top of that, after research, we were able to identify a massive, highly-engaged nursing community on social media. This indicated that an influencer campaign would be an effective route for driving awareness. Smith+Nephew aligned with our thinking and entrusted us with their first ever US-based influencer campaign. The initial campaign, which launched in 2022, produced such great results that Smith+Nephew asked for it again in 2023 and 2024.


We partnered with nursing influencers to create content based on the ALLEVYN LIFE fluid demo, which the Smith+Nephew sales teams often use to show the product’s absorbance. Influencers applied blue-dyed water to the underside of the ALLEVYN◊, showed the ALLEVYN LIFE Change Indicator, squeezed the dressing above their heads and demonstrated dressing flexibility by applying it to their elbow and bending it repeatedly.


From both an organic and paid media perspective, video content performed the best by a wide margin in 2022. Given the results, we made two recommendations to Smith+Nephew for the next campaign in 2023: only invest in video creative and incorporate TikTok, in addition to Instagram – another first for Smith+Nephew. In 2023, focusing our efforts on both platforms maximized the organic reach of the campaign and introduced ALLEVYN LIFE to a new environment.

The Results

Our influencer campaign has not only met but significantly exceeded the predefined goals for Smith+Nephew. The campaign’s success was evident by its elevated positive sentiment, benchmark-breaking click-through and engagement rates, and having driven the most traffic to ALLEVYN’s landing page.


2 4 2 %

242% higher than benchmark for click-through rate (CTR)

3 7 2 %

372% higher than benchmark for engagement rate (ER)

N o. 1

No. 1 traffic-driver to the ALLEVYN landing page during three-month flight in 2023


◊Trademark of Smith+Nephew. Product information is for educational purposes only, and not all products or indications are licensed in every country.

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