Digital Marketing Is Exploding: 5 Areas Brands Should Focus On

Ad agencies make good barometers for the economy. We grow when brands do, and we grow in the direction the industry is moving. So it’s a telling sign that Balcom has hired 10 new B’s in the last few months, with five more openings to fill to meet demand – including significant growth in digital.

Where do we see digital marketing going? What should you, as a brand, be focusing on? Here’s what we recommend.

  1. Mobile Design and Progressive Web Apps. The shift from desktop computers to mobile devices like phones and tablets continues. That means you should be strategizing and designing for mobile first. And with new technology like progressive web apps – which live in your web browser but act like downloadable apps – you can keep more of your audience connected to your brand.
  2. Online Video Advertising. While traditional TV media slots are still a strong way to reach certain audiences – particularly during live programming like sports – the landscape is rapidly shifting toward digital streaming and sites like YouTube, where brands can leverage precise targeting and metrics. To reach your audience now, you’d better promote video content across multiple platforms.
  3. Pay-to-Play Social Media. Thanks to algorithm changes from platforms like Facebook, it’s nearly impossible to reach your social media fans organically. Only a handful of people may see your posts if you don’t put ad dollars behind them. We recommend producing just a few, high-quality, highly interactive posts per month – and putting ad dollars behind all of them.
  4. Rich Media. How many ads do you ignore every day? Cutting through the clutter requires interactivity, storytelling and more. Rich media makes that possible with interactive digital banner ads, almost like microsites reaching customers wherever they are on the internet.
  5. Internet of Things. Whether we’re voicing a medical question to Google or pressing an Amazon button to reorder laundry detergent, our physical lives are becoming more and more digital. Which means companies who want to stay competitive must be the answers on Google, must be the products delivered to your doorstep – that means content marketing, search ads and streamlined ecommerce.
“Only a handful of people may see your posts if you don't put ad dollars behind them.”

Meet Balcom’s New Digital Team Members

Technically, Balcom’s “digital team” includes the entire agency, since we all deal with digital, but there are several B’s who specialize. Here are our most recent additions.


Chris Hawthorne

Media Director

aka The Impressionist

Chris is an award-winning media strategist with a unique perspective on content, thanks to her Bachelor of Arts in journalism. She earned a MediaPost Magazine Creative Media Award for Texas Tourism, plus several DFWIMA Excellence in Interactive Marketing Awards and W3 awards for marketing effectiveness. 


Jordan Pierson

Digital Media Planner

aka Whole in One

Jordan has been working in digital marketing since age 18 and handles digital media campaigns for clients including Dairy MAX, Sinclair Oil Corporation and Mrs Baird’s Bread. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing and certifications in Google Analytics, AdWords Search and Mobile Advertising.


Alysia Petti

Web Developer

aka HTM-Elf

Alysia has a background in graphic design and a passion for the user experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science in information systems, and has taught web development and agile methodology as an adjunct instructor at UT Arlington.


Jazmine Myles

Digital Media Buyer

aka All that Jazz

Jazmine has worked both the sales and buying sides of the media industry. She won a National Sales Support Award at Katz Media Group, and later worked at Southwest Media Group with brands including Poo~Pourri, H-E-B and Dave & Buster’s. She holds a Bachelor of Science in electronic media. 


Seth Owens

Director of Digital Insights

aka Data-Woke Poke

Seth’s fascination with in-depth analytics led him to a calling in digital insights. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and certifications in Google AdWords Search, Display and Analytics; Yahoo Gemini; and IAB Digital Media Sales.


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