How rich media can boost your digital advertising

Early internet ads were boring, static – basically like print ads, but with hyperlinks. Then technology evolved with things like GIFs and flash, and now we have HTML5, a coding language robust enough to provide tons of interactivity in an ad – something they call “rich media.”

What is rich media?

Rich media is a type of banner ad or display ad – but on steroids. They’re square or rectangular ads that appear on websites, but instead of being static, they offer interactivity. Within the ad, you can:

  • Take a virtual tour.
  • Calculate a cost estimate.
  • Scroll through different products.
  • Find a location near you.
  • Watch a video.
  • Play a game.

And you can do it all without clicking away from the website you’re already perusing.

Why is rich media useful?

Rich media is kind of like putting your own mini website in front of someone who is browsing elsewhere. You don't have to wait for them to come to you – you bring the content to them. Plus, audiences love interactivity – it makes advertising feel more like a game and less like a sales pitch, so you’ll get better engagement. The results are startling:

  • 267 percent higher click-through rate than standard banners – 0.44 percent vs. 0.12 percent.
  • 687 percent higher engagement rate than standard banners – 16.85 percent verses 2.14 percent.
“Audiences love interactivity – it makes advertising feel more like a game and less like a sales pitch.”

Sound like a great tool for your brand? We can help you figure out what type of ad is best for you and how it fits into your overall marketing plan. We can even create the content and negotiate the media buy for you. Get in touch here.

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