What are progressive web apps and why should you be excited?

We’ve talked about web apps vs. native apps (apps you access online vs. apps you download from an app store) – but what about the in-between: progressive web apps?

Proposed by Google in 2015, progressive web apps are websites that provide a more app-like experience through your browser. This not only innovates how web developers can build their content to be more interactive for the large web ecosystem and community, but also benefits users who are constantly on-the-go. Features include:

  • Progressiveness. Progressive web apps work for every user on any browser or device, regardless of preferences.
  • Connectivity independent. These apps can be viewed and used without an internet connection, because the data is stored on the device and synced to the cloud later. This way, users traveling by train and airplane can use progressive web apps without interruption.
  • Engaging. The apps re-engage users though push notifications that offer updates from the server and placeholder URLs for when you revisit the progressive web app later.
  • Discoverable. While called “applications,” progressive web apps are still websites. Consumers can find them on any search engine, unlike native apps in the app store.
  • Sustainable by design. Progressive web apps are faster to build, and easier to deploy and maintain. Almost like there was some autonomy by design!
“"There's a way to do it better - find it." - Thomas Edison”

How Progressive Web Apps Benefit Brands

Many companies using progressive web apps have seen an increase in use, engagement and customer feedback:

  • The open rates for Twitter increased drastically when the company implemented web push notifications, and Twitter is now delivering over 10M push notifications a day. That’s a lot of notifications!
  • BookMyShows saw an 80 percent increase in conversions from their progressive web app.

Although progressive web apps have been around for a few years now, their extensive features mean they are still the wave of the future.

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