Jazmine Myles


Jazmine loves the ever-changing nature of the media industry, and she has worked both sides: sales and buying. She started in sales at Multiview and later won a National Sales Support Award at Katz Media Group. After switching to the agency side for the chance to work more directly with brands, Jazmine worked at Southwest Media Group for clients including Poo~Pourri, H-E-B and Dave & Buster’s before joining Balcom in November 2017. Jazmine holds a Bachelor of Science in electronic media from Texas State University. The oldest of five and originally from Forney, Texas, Jazmine now lives in Dallas.


  • Every year for the holidays, Jazmine and her family rent a bus and invite friends to help them hand out toiletries, food and small gifts to people in need throughout the community.
  • Jazmine is the queen of winged eyeliner. Maybe we should leverage her as an illustrator, because that requires some serious precision.

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