The B Team’s Top 12 Dog-Friendly Spots in Fort Worth

In case we haven’t given it away on social media, we love dogs here at the Balcom Agency. In fact, our furry friends are pretty much an extension of our team – on the job every Four-Legged Friday, helping make the agency an even happier (and yappier) place for B’s and clients.

So after working like a dog each Friday, what are our pawed pals’ favorite places to kick back? Here are some of the best dog-friendly hangouts in Fort Worth.


Woodshed Smokehouse
Located along the Trinity Trails, Woodshed is a local favorite for grabbing bites and brews with your four-legged bestie. Set almost entirely outdoors against the backdrop of the Trinity River, the restaurant welcomes dogs at any time of day – and even has a special canine menu so your pups can dine, too.

The Bearded Lady
Known for its well-crafted selection of local draughts, The Bearded Lady also boasts a comfortable outdoor patio that welcomes dogs. Bonus: If you and your furry friend are in the mood for a pre- or post-pint walk, The Bearded Lady is located along Fort Worth’s hip ’n’ happenin’ Magnolia Avenue – a picturesque setting for a leisurely stroll.

Clearfork Food Park
Fort Worth may not be Austin, but we can tout some pretty cool food trucks, too. The Clearfork Food Park is another great spot for enjoying a casual, trailside treat. If Fido loves a good run, consider taking him for a jog along the Trinity and making a rest stop here.

Rodeo Goat
Not only is Rodeo Goat one of our favorite lunch spots, it’s also fur baby-friendly. This local hot spot for top-notch burgers features a large patio where dogs are welcome.

The Ginger Man
There’s nothing like savoring a cold beer alongside man’s best friend. On a nice day, The Ginger Man is a fun place to kick back and enjoy some sunshine doing just that. Plus, they have Jenga. We like Jenga.

Press Cafe
With a warm and inviting atmosphere and creative menu, Press Cafe has quickly become a new favorite restaurant among Fort Worth foodies. Their spacious, pup-friendly outdoor dining area is bound to woo the four-legged love in your life, too.

Central Market
If you’re Texan and at least somewhat of a foodie, chances are you’re a Central Market groupie. Since it’s a grocery store, sometimes we forget their café and outdoor dining area is also a sweet little lunch spot (especially if you want to tote your pup with you).

Tommy’s Hamburger Grill
Tommy’s has been around since 1983 – a fact that says a lot about the popularity of this family-owned burger shop. If you’re looking for an all-American meal with your little bud, opt for a seat on the patio.


Trinity Trails
We’re lucky to live in a city that offers beautiful riverside trails that appeal to outdoor enthusiasts and city slickers alike. Whether you and your four-legged pal like to walk or run, the Trinity Trails provide a clean course with scenic views. One of our favorite starting points? The circle on North Taylor Street (off Belknap), on Tarrant County College’s Trinity River campus.

Sundance Square
We may be biased, but we think Fort Worth has the most awesome downtown around. Sure, it might be where you go to get gussied up for a classy night on the town. But it’s also a fun place to enjoy some R & R with your fur child. Grab a seat in the square with your pup, a book, a cup of coffee and your people-watching glasses, and you’re all set.

ZBonz Dog Park
This dog park was once a golf course and now features a scenic pond, agility equipment (for your dog) and different areas for large and small dogs. ZBonz is a great place to bring your pup if you feel comfortable letting him roam – or take a swim, if he’s feeling adventurous.

Fort Woof Dog Park
If you’re a little more of a hovering dog mom or dad (like I am), Fort Woof might be the better dog park for you and yours. This park features agility equipment, water fountains for the dogs and sitting places for the humans. Smaller than ZBonz, Fort Woof makes it easier to keep an eye on your dog while still letting him burn some energy.

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