4 Fort Worth Restaurants Off the Beaten Path

Fort Worth’s got its own collection of tourist traps, but if you want to find the hidden gems, you’ve got to talk to the local foodies.

We Bs love food, and pride ourselves on knowing all the best spots in Fort Worth. So we decided to share a few of our favorites.

4 Fort Worth Restaurants Off the Beaten PathSwiss Pastry Shop

Think of the diners you went to growing up and you’ll get a pretty good idea of the goodness that is Swiss Pastry Shop. From their sandwiches to their desserts, this little gem has mastered the classics. Make sure to get a piece of one of their pies, because they’re always delicious!

Jazz Café

It’s hard to beat a good brunch spot, so this had to be on our list. Jazz Café is a Greek restaurant with live music during the week. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, it becomes a hopping breakfast destination. Make sure to bring cash, because it’s all they take.

Paco and John

Every other Monday, we get Paco and John's tacos for the whole office during our status meeting. If you like breakfast tacos, add this Fort Worth spot to your list of places to try. Try to get there soon, as they’re about to close until they can find another location.

The Star Café

Nestled in the Fort Worth Stockyards, this charming little café is a collection of eclectic décor and delectable dishes. Their steak dinners are a bargain, with meat quality any Texan can appreciate. Grab a glass of sweet tea and prepare to dine on some of your favorite homestyle classics at The Star Café.

What are your favorite Fort Worth restaurants?

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