Balcom’s Top TV Spots & Pre-roll Ads: 2015-2016

In 2016, Balcom doubled the number of videos we produced in 2015, including several new TV spots to add to our reel. Here are some of our favorites from the last two years.

TV Ad: Kubota – “We Know You”

Kubota Tractor Company asked us for a TV spot that focused on its dealers, rather than its overall brand – a challenge, since the commercial needed to promote more than 1,000 dealers at once. In this full-length 60-second spot, we focused on one of the things that sets Kubota dealers apart: their personal connection with the products and the land.

TV Ad: Sinclair – “Are We There Yet?”

For Sinclair Oil’s centennial in 2016, Balcom created this TV spot celebrating both the company’s history and its future with a road trip spanning four different eras, filmed entirely on location in and around Salt Lake City with the help of Fueld Films.

TV Ad: Cook Children’s – “Childhood Should Be Simple – Merry-Go-Round”

Cook Children's Health Care System keeps childhood simple while helping children heal. But complex medical technology and terminology can make explaining the organization's capabilities a challenge. Balcom saw it as an opportunity, and with a lot of research, strategy, brainstorming and planning, we created and implemented a campaign that seamlessly blends heartfelt with high-tech in a way that touches both minds and emotions. 

TV Ad: Cook Children’s – “Childhood Should Be Simple – Pediatricians”

For the next phase of our award-winning “Childhood Should Be Simple” campaign, Balcom focused on Cook Children’s network of pediatricians, showing parents how even well-child care is backed by the world-class resources and reputation of the entire Cook Children’s system.

TV Ad: Justin Boots – “We Are Justin”

Justin Boots needed a TV commercial their retailers could customize for local use. With limited time and resources to pull this project together, Balcom dug through existing footage and imagery, then wrote, recorded and edited this spot that celebrates Justin Boots’ contrasting yet complementary personality – both salt-of-the-earth and urban cowboy.

Pre-Roll Ad: Ball Park Buns – “The Crowd Goes Wild”

In this TV spot, Balcom combined a sports-announcer voiceover with visuals of backyard barbecues and parking-lot tailgates to illustrate how Ball Park Buns bring the ballpark – and ballpark quality taste – home.


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