We're Addicted to Coffee and We Know It

National Coffee Day is September 29. Um, pretty sure every day is National Coffee Day at Balcom. But nonetheless, we’re excited. Well, we will be after we’ve had our coffee.

In honor of this momentous day, we felt it necessary to email the Bs and ask about their coffee-drinking habits. We threatened to remove the office coffee supply, so the response rate was uncharacteristically high.

However, the mood was not. In response to Could you give up coffee tomorrow? the negativity came in hot: Why would I do that? That’s a joke, right? Are you paying me? Is hell freezing over? I’ll give up coffee when fish fry. (That's an inside joke here at Balcom. We'll explain in an upcoming blog.)

OK. Got it. Next, we asked the Bs to rank their coffee addiction (1 = don’t drink it/10 = JUST GIVE ME A COFFEE IV). They averaged an 8, which didn’t seem too bad.

Then we calculated our annual coffee consumption:


Uh, so we might have a problem. The good news is: our coffee vendor loves us. Plus, we know where to get a good cup of joe:

Avoca Coffee on Magnolia Ave.

  • Artisan, micro-roasted coffee makes for a really great drink. You can’t go wrong here.

BREWED on Magnolia Ave.

  • Because they draw pretty pictures in your latte foam, which makes even the coldest, smallest heart grow a few sizes. Oh, and both the décor and the coffee is amazing.

Buon Giorno on Florence St. near downtown

  • Great coffee, friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere.

La Madeleine on Camp Bowie Blvd.

  • Nice, relaxing place to enjoy coffee and a pastry. They have a great French Roast.

Starbucks on Hulen St.

  • Pretty sure Steve and Carol alone keep Starbucks in business. The Hulen St. location across from Arlington Heights High School has an incredibly fast drive-thru service. It’s rumored to be one of the fastest in the nation.

Want to try something new? Here are some of the Bs' favorite coffee brands:

  • Illy: Ground Espresso
  • Kauai Coffee: Kauai Blue Mountain Peaberry
  • Kicking Horse Coffee: Three Sisters Blen>
  • Kona Coffee: Medium Roast
  • Trader Joe’s: Organic Wake Up Blend

Read more about our favorite Fort Worth lunch and happy hour spots:

Blog Author: Jennifer Haynes, Former B teamer.

Tags: Culture

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