8 Tips to Get Your Products on Shoppers' Wish Lists

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The holidays are upon us, and if you own a retail business, you’re likely trying to figure out how to win a coveted spot on shoppers’ wish lists. Along with your preparations for Cyber Monday, here are some ecommerce tips to help get your name in those letters to Santa.

Shoppers' Wish Lists

Get the Word Out

Get Pinterest Rich Pins.“Rich pins” are pins with extra info automatically built in. By adding some meta tags to your website, you can create product rich pins, which will display your company name, and when clicked, will show the product’s price and availability. Product pins also show up in Pinterest’s Gifts section – which gives you more visibility. Here are the directions for creating product pins.

Create a Holiday Shopping Guide. The Adobe forecast says 40 percent of shoppers age 18-34 are likely to use social networks for gift ideas. That means Pinterest boards, blog posts and email blasts are all great places for creating gift guides that will inspire shoppers. Build lists based on price (“Gifts Under $30”), interests (“Gifts for Foodies”), relationships (“Gifts for Sweethearts”) or gender and ages (“Gifts for Guys” or “Gifts for Kids”).

Use Facebook Fans as a Focus Group. Not sure which products to show in those holiday gift guides? Use your Facebook fans as a focus group; post two or three styles of a similar product and ask fans to vote for their favorite.

Run a Contest. Ask fans to post photos of a product they want with a unique hashtag like #[YourCompany]WishList. Reward a few random participating fans with gift cards – that way they can still spend money in your store if someone else buys them the item they posted.

Include “Forward” and “Share” Links in Promotional Emails. ‘Tis the season for holiday eblasts. Make sure you include a forward button and social sharing links as an extra nudge to recipients to tell their loved ones which of your products are on their wish lists.

Keep Them Interested

Christmas List

Beef up Your Product Web Pages. The more information you can provide on your website, the better. Studies show that 85 percent of shoppers read online reviews before buying from local businesses, and half of shoppers are more confident about a product after watching a video about it.

Use Retargeting. Ever looked at a product online, then saw an ad for the same product while browsing another website? That’s called retargeting. Run some retargeting ads for your own products – maybe even offer a discount – to catch the shoppers who haven’t made a decision yet.

Seal the Deal

Offer Shipping Deals. The convenience of online shopping isn’t always worth the price of shipping – in fact, 44 percent of shoppers who abandon their carts do it because of shipping prices. Offer free shipping on certain days or on orders over certain amounts. If that’s not in the budget, promote in-store pickup.

With Christmas fast approaching, you may not have time to implement all of these ideas, so take a minute for a strategy session and decide on one or two ideas that will appeal the most to your customers. Then have at it – and to the victor go the sales!

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