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USMD Health System is a different kind of health care home. Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area with two hospitals, one cancer treatment center and nearly 60 primary care and specialty clinics, USMD has the power to meet every patient need.
It was definitely a uniting piece. We heard lots of positive feedback at the retreat about the quality of the video, how powerful the message was, and about how great it was to have a piece that really helped strengthen the mission, vision and values of USMD.

– Megan Vincent, director of marketing and communications, USMD

The Challenge

In 2015, USMD Health System had just formed out of a merger of healthcare groups including Medical Clinic of North Texas and Urology Associates of North Texas. The system could now offer much more to its patients, but lacked a unified voice. USMD tasked Balcom Agency with creating a video that would bring the physicians and employees together, boost morale and encourage ownership of USMD’s success.


We built the video concept on key messaging we had already created for USMD based on research into the market and the system itself. We wanted to communicate how USMD’s truly patient-focused care creates a different kind of healthcare home. The video needed to tell the story of the USMD founders, show the variety of ways USMD serves its patients and set the tone for the event – as well as for the culture of the system moving forward.


We angled away from a conventional “talking head” approach and went for a stronger emotional connection that illustrated USMD’s commitment to patients. In a series of vignettes, each at a different USMD location to show the variety of the system’s services, we replaced doctors with the patients they’re dedicated to helping. The video started with the two founders of USMD and ended with a seamless morph of different patients sitting at the head of USMD’s boardroom table.


Even a relatively simple video requires good equipment. For the seamless transition between patient shots at the end of the video we had to use a 4k camera to capture individual shots of multiple patients, each in the exact same position. That meant weighing down the patients’ chair with sand bags and using a motion-controlled slider to move the camera along the table.

In a few minutes, it communicates more than I could in many slides and much discussion, and it leaves a lasting impression because it touches the hearts of all who see it. When I watch the audience, I see smiles and even teary eyes. Audiences have clapped and even asked to see it again. The thing I like about it the most is it shows a very human and real side of USMD and our purpose. - Cody Murray, USMD Director of Employee Experience, Training and Development

The Results

The video premiered to rave reviews on the first day of the 2015 provider retreat. The USMD human resources department also used the video later to educate new team members about USMD culture.


2015 Worthy Awards

  • Worthy Award – “The Vision Behind the Difference” – Video/Audio, Internal

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