Kyle Suva


Kyle learned the value of marketing early on when he started his own alpaca farm as a teenager. Following the digital trend, he went on to minor in information technology at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) while earning a Bachelor of Science with a double major in marketing and entrepreneurship. Kyle then became a developer for the university, helping build and maintain a network of more than 900 websites. He has also worked for iPlayerHD and Industrial Info Resources. Kyle joined the B Team in 2014, building websites for clients including Sinclair Oil, Dairy MAX and eTrueNorth. Originally from Jefferson, New Hampshire, Kyle now lives in Rochester, New York, with his wife, Siobahn, and their kids. They have a cat, a dog named Kyra, and several fish.


  • Kyle was 16 when he started his alpaca farm. It was pretty successful, and he later sold it.
  • Don’t play pool with Kyle. He was president of the UNH Billiards Club for two years.
  • Kyle has successfully snowboarded down Tuckerman Ravine, the near-vertical backcountry side of Mount Washington.

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