Kyra Suva


Kyra specializes in sleeping and looking out the window. She is also proficient at shake and stay. At age 35 in dog years, Kyra is a mystery rescue breed with a definite flair for fashion and a long golden coat that’s the envy of all her four-legged friends. She first met her humans, Kyle and Siobahn, when they visited a Houston rescue group to interview another dog. The three took a walk together, and Kyra stole their hearts. Kyle and Siobahn took Kyra home that day without a look at another dog. Now Kyra is a regular at Four-Legged Friday, where she occasionally allows Kyle to cradle her like a baby.


  • Kyra once stole a cinnamon roll out of accounting manager Toni's purse during Four-Legged Friday. 
  • Kyra sometimes impersonates a green dinosaur for Halloween.