Stuart Balcom


Stuart was born into the advertising business. His father worked for and owned several agencies in DFW. In college, Stuart started an advertising agency using University of Texas students as creative and media staff. After college, he worked for several notable DFW agencies and started the Balcom Agency in 1993. With his nose for talent and passion for marketing, he has built the Balcom Agency into one of the largest agencies in the Metroplex, with countless awards for its work in marketing, PR, interactive and social media, including the 2018 Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame Governor’s Award. Stuart was also recently named one of Fort Worth’s 400 most influential people by FWinc. Stuart and his wife, Sue, live in Fort Worth and have two sons.


  • Stuart bicycled the entire length of the Pacific coast, from northern Washington state to Southern California in nine days by himself.
  • Stuart has climbed the highest peaks in Canada, the United States and Mexico, as well as multiple ascents in South America, without guides.
  • Stuart has traveled up and down the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers – from Texas City, Texas, to New York state and back again – multiple times.
  • Stuart and his friends Mac Churchill and Red Steagall created and produced the now-famous “Cowboy Corner” radio show that airs weekly in 200 markets across the U.S.
  • Stuart made his first hole-in-one after 3,000 rounds of golf – and doubts it will ever happen again.