Melissa Smilor


Melissa is the smiling face who’ll welcome you at Balcom’s front desk, and the warm voice who’ll greet you on the other end of the phone. With a bachelor’s degree in social welfare from the University of Kansas and a background working with foster children and children with special needs, Melissa has a gift for making people feel cared for. A B Teamer since 2016, Melissa and her husband, Matthew, live in Fort Worth with their two daughters and their dog, Aspen.


  • Melissa and her best friend tried out for The Amazing Race once. Considering the awful things contestants have to eat, she’s glad they didn’t make it on the show.
  • Melissa loves Jazzercise. You should go with her sometime.
  • Melissa is TERRIFIED of snakes, and can’t even go into the MOLA exhibit at the zoo.

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