Aspen Smilor


Aspen is an English cream golden retriever who’s about 4 in dog years. Despite her youth, she’s already accomplished at sitting and coming, as well as retrieving things and licking people. Aspen first met her humans as a surprise. Melissa and Matt Smilor told their daughter, Natalie, they were going to meet family out in McKinney, Texas, then surprised her when they arrived to see a whole litter of English cream golden retriever puppies. Aspen ran right up to Natalie and started to lick her; that’s when the Smilors knew she was the dog for them. In her spare time, Aspen loves cuddling and following Natalie around the house.


  • Aspen joined the Smilor family just a week before their second daughter, Samantha, was born.
  • Some of the B’s say Aspen bears an uncanny resemblance to Falkor, the luck dragon in “The NeverEnding Story.”