How Can Public Relations Help Increase Web Traffic

PR can drive web results, just like advertising, social media and other endeavors. It's all a part of the right marketing mix. In fact, it's actually one of the best ways that PR can make an immediate, and traceable, impact on your company or organization's communications efforts. Each PR tactic you undertake—from pitching a story to media to pursuing speaking opportunities—can lead people to find out accurate information. It also can lead to immediate decisions. 

How many of us have read a story in a newspaper or magazine—and then immediately Googled the product we saw? I know I have (tactic used: media relations). Think about the last time you listened to someone speak well about an issue you cared about. Did you not go look up their organization and consider a donation or membership (tactic used: speaker's bureau)?

So which PR tactics should you consider? Each of the following could be a part of your plan: 

  • Targeted media relations. Before you pitch an idea to any reporter, you should know what they write about and why your company/organization is worth their time. But when you find the right outlet, a reporter who gets it, and a product, service or human-interest story worth telling, the result can be beautiful—both online and offline. 
  • Researched blogger outreach. People who write blogs want to share information—but like reporters they prefer to talk about things that are relevant to their content area of coverage. If you come across a blog talking about a subject you have an answer to (such as a product or service solution), you should be able to pitch them on a future blog post mention. If they decide to write about your company/organization, chances are they will link directly to your site.
  • Informative e-Newsletters. Although not strictly a PR function, e-Newsletters are ideal for communicating directly to interested parties (persons who have opted-in to receive them). A monthly or quarterly e-Newsletter sets you up to deliver relevant content right to consumers. If you use imbedded URLs, you can lead readers to additional information on your site. 
  • Speaking opportunities. Qualified speakers are often welcome at organizational events around town. Prepare a great presentation on a topic of interest in your field, and be sure to inform people about the need that your product or service solves. Don't oversell them—but lead them to your website for information on why you and your company may be a good solution to their problem. Those who are really interested will look you up.

The above suggestions are only a few web-driving ideas that you can consider that are grounded in public relations. But whatever marketing ideas you choose to try, keeping public relations as a part of the mix can help your company or organization taste online success as well. 

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