How to drive traffic to your website: Email

Email has been around a while, but that doesn't mean it isn't effective. It's still one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to drive traffic to your website. Whether you're a business sending a monthly newsletter or a retailer announcing a sale, it's time to rethink your email marketing strategy. 

Don't send just to send
How often you send your email campaigns should depend on the amount of valuable content you can produce. A site with multiple posts a day, like Mashable, has enough fresh content to allow for frequent email updates to keep their readership engaged. A small blog with a new post every month or so does not. Know what your email strategy can handle and if you begin to notice lowered open and click rates or unsubscribes, ease off the gas and reevaluate.

Do your research
To find out what information will be valuable to your readers, start with your email opt-in form – it's a perfect way to gather data. Knowing where readers live, their age and even gender can go a long way in helping you strategize. You can even take it a step further, like Justin Boots has, and ask people to identify the types of content they'd like to receive. As your email list builds, these answers will help you see what will work best, and your email and web content strategies will come together a lot quicker.

Don't show all your cards
Consider replacing lengthy copy with a sentence or two and a read more link directing readers to your website. If you geek out on email stats, this strategy will also show you which stories are being read and by whom. 

Do be social
Make it ridiculously easy for your readers to share your email content. Popular email marketing websites, like MailChimp and Constant Contact, allow you to add social share and forward buttons (and they're trackable). You should also be sharing your campaigns. Spreading your email content through your social networks broadens its reach and adds more opportunities for people to find it and subscribe. (Tip: Break up your email content into several social media posts to get the most benefit from the content.)

Don't forget the simple stuff
This may seem obvious, but it has to be said. Don't forget to link your logo, header graphic or other relevant graphics to your homepage and be sure to include the full web address in your footer. Featuring a navigation menu of specific areas of your website adds even more click opportunities. Many times these are easily skipped over, but they are an easy opportunity for new web traffic. 

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