How to Be More Persuasive with Your Own Team

When you think of marketing, you probably think of TV commercials, pop-up ads and brightly colored cereal boxes.

You’re probably not thinking of chatting with a co-worker about the report due Thursday. Or of the performance review you’re about to conduct. Or of the announcement you’re making to your team about your goals for the next quarter.

Yet all those things, at their core, are marketing; they involve thoughtful and persuasive communication.

  • How do you get the co-worker to finish the report on time?
  • How do you encourage your employee while addressing any concerns?
  • How do you inspire your team to give its all this quarter?

Marketing starts with your everyday personal interactions. And marketing strategy starts with understanding your audience. What’s most important to the person you’re talking to?

  • Having the right information?
  • Having clear parameters?
  • Feeling needed?
  • Getting to compete?

The answer changes depending on who you’re talking to. But if you go into that conversation knowing how the other person thinks and communicates, what best motivates them and what could discourage them, you’re way ahead of the game. You can foster happier employees who work better with each other as well as with you.

“Marketing starts with your everyday personal interactions.”

Balcom had me certified as a True Colors® facilitator so we could bring all of those skills to our clients. (If you don’t already know, True Colors® simplifies the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator into a four-color spectrum that’s really easy to remember and use.)

We recently added two advanced workshops to our original foundation workshop, but if you’re not ready to invest in a workshop yet, start with our blogs on the topic:

  • What’s your True Color? Read the basic overview of the four colors and get an idea of which one (or more) you most identify with.

Check out our workshops

We can host a fun and engaging workshop (or three) for your entire team. These are much more in-depth than the blog posts – I’ll personally help each of you find your True Colors®.

True Colors® Foundation Workshop
Start with the Foundation Workshop to understand your own unique strengths, joys and needs – and those of your co-workers, family and friends. True Colors® will teach your team how to identify the personality types around you, and how to value and leverage their diversity.

True Colors® Teambuilding Workshop
This advanced workshop teaches you how to choose, integrate and motivate team members, so they’ll be collaborative, creative and supportive.

True Colors® Communication Workshop
This advanced workshop teaches word choice and presentation techniques that make communication easier no matter who you’re talking to.

Ask about our True Colors® services.

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