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With forty people and four hundred deadlines competing for attention, sometimes you need to use colorful language to be heard at Balcom Agency. Words like GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE and GOLD.

Kent Dean recently conducted a communications workshop as part of Balcom’s Wellness Month activities. Dean is a facilitator for True Colors, a communications program that has its roots in the Myers-Briggs personality assessment.

With 16 different personality options available in Myers-Briggs, how can you remember if you are an INFJ or an ESTJ? With True Colors, there are just four personality types: GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE or GOLD. Being able to quickly assess a person’s color helps you understand and appreciate personality differences, recognize the strengths and frustrations of others, and build a more harmonious – and productive – environment.

“The truth is, many of our co-workers are among those with whom we have difficulty understanding and communicating,” Dean explained. “Our failure to overcome this communication crisis is having a huge impact on organizational effectiveness. From low productivity and low morale to employee turnover and bad customer service, a failure to understand the basic motivations behind each personality type can be devastating.”

What Is Your Color?

GREEN: An independent thinker who always considers the big idea. But their need to know all the facts borders on obsessive. Not surprisingly, most of our creative staff is in this group. The most important thing to remember is to not interrupt their creative thought process. Let them come up from their work and meet you in the conversation first, or they won’t hear what you say.

BLUE: Very relationship-driven and express genuine empathy and concern. Our account managers make up the bulk of the Balcom BLUEs. Ask them how their weekend was before moving into project details.

ORANGE: Stuart Balcom. Need I say more? The ORANGE values freedom and fun and see life as an adventure. They motivate others and are confident that they can overcome obstacles. They tend to be great sales people.

GOLD: Responsible, dependable, loyal and organized. GOLDs make lists and check things off. We do your estimates and schedules and invoices. We get things done. Yes, I am a GOLD. Who is surprised?

The Bs are embracing these concepts within our office. Our name plates and phone list have both been color-coded to remind each of us to ask Rob (a BLUE) about his new twin grandbabies before jumping into budget questions, or to wait at their doorway for Trey and Kyle (both GREENs) to acknowledge us before launching right into our questions.

True Colors can also help eliminate the mentality of we vs. they when conflict arises. Being able to acknowledge another person’s communication style and meet them in the middle helps us focus on solutions and not just personalities.

For more information on how you can have a more colorful office, contact Kent Dean at or email him at Colors Chart

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