How to Work Well with Conflicting Personalities

Every day, 45 different personalities walk into the agency, and are asked to work together to reach a common goal. Somehow, we’re shocked when we don’t see things the same way. 

But there’s a reason you may think that one co-worker is difficult to get along with – it’s just that they aren’t like you.

So what’s the secret to understanding that crazy co-worker and embracing the strengths they bring to the table? Speak to their color. 

True Colors is a personality assessment that has been used successfully for over 26 years to foster positive personal development that improves communication, team building, leadership, morale and conflict resolution skills. 

Here’s a quick look at the personalities the different colors represent:

You can learn more about identifying the different personality colors here.

“So what’s the secret to understanding that crazy co-worker and embracing the strengths they bring to the table? Speak to their color.”

But let’s get down to it: Here’s a quick guide to communicating with the different colors in your office. 

Working with GOLDS

    • Clearly establish expectations, in detail.
    • Identify short- and long-term goals.
    • Provide clear, written, specific feedback.
    • Offer tangible rewards like raises, bonuses and promotions.

Working with GREENS

    • Assign tasks that require thinking up new approaches.
    • Identify expected outcomes, but allow them to accomplish the task their own way.
    • Forgo hoopla; give them a sincere “job well done.” 
    • Praise their knowledge.

Working with BLUES

    • Clearly outline expectations in a friendly but frank way. 
    • Recognize their contribution often. 
    • Give them a pat on the back, literally! 
    • Praise their creativity and depth of feeling they put into their work. 

Working with ORANGES

    • Outline short-term goals.
    • If possible, create a little competition.
    • Focus on behavior and performance more than the finished product. 
    • Reward them by giving them freedom.  
    • Tell them the impact their performance has on the organization.  

By implementing a True Colors program, you’ll see individual performance improved, workplace and personal stress reduced, greater levels of employee satisfaction, a more harmonious work environment, and more successful leaders.

Having trouble guessing the colors in your office? Contact us for a True Colors workshop. We’ll help identify your colors and how to use them to improve team building, conflict resolution and interpersonal communication.


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