Wallace Cruz


Wallace knew from an early age that creating art was his calling. When he was 10, he created a pretend TV channel with fake logos for each show. When his cousin told him this was called graphic design, Wallace knew it was the career for him. After earning degrees in graphic design and art direction from Pernambuco Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology and Miami Ad School, he gained over 18 years of experience working as a senior creative editor at 9thWonder; an art director at Lopez Negrete Communications; a film editor at BushRenz; and a graphics effects programmer at Diarios Associados. Now Wallace puts his unique eye for visual design and clever, animating touch to work for Balcom clients such as Smith+Nephew, ACH Child and Family Services and more. Born in Recife, the capital of Brazil’s northeastern state of Pernambuco, Wallace now lives in Allen, Texas, spending time with his wife, Valeria, and two children.


  • According to his wife, Wallace possesses an uncanny ability to guess in what year a song was made.
  • Another unique talent of Wallace’s is his ability to dislocate his thumb on both hands.
  • A huge fan of all things Spider-Man, Wallace remains noncommittal in expressing which actor he thinks played the role best on the big screen.

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