Charlie Chocolate Orges


Charlie is a red-nose American Pit Bull Terrier. Nearing age 35 in dog years, he spends his time cataloging scents in the yard and on daily park excursions. He is rapidly becoming proficient in playing hide-and-seek with bits of hot dog. Originally a rescue, Charlie was fostered for a time in Waco, Texas, and then adopted by a couple in Watauga. After deciding he needed some space from the couple’s other pit mix, he moved in with their daughter, Stephanie – his forever human. Though a lone wolf when it comes to other dogs, Charlie loves people and is very careful around children, like the “nanny dogs” of his breed.


  • Charlie loves people more than treats. If you try to give him a treat before properly greeting him, he will spit it out.
  • Charlie thinks a growl is a friendly greeting, and does a pretty good impression of Chewbacca.