Nick Toombs


Nick feels right at home in the creative world of advertising – and he loves finding creative ways to engage with wider audiences. Graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in public relations, he has eight years of experience in the industry after working as a senior media manager and coordinator at; a media planner and supervisor at Schaefer Advertising Co.; and a media supervisor at Media+. Working in key verticals such as government, healthcare and entertainment, he has extensive expertise in driving results for regulated industries. Since joining Balcom, he has worked on a variety of clients, including Sinclair Oil, Smith+Nephew (Advanced Wound Care) and Dairy MAX. When he’s not focusing on strategy and media at the B, Nick might be found in his kitchen grabbing a quick snack in between meetings (his family likes to call them sneaky snacks). Nick now lives in Willow Park, Texas, with his fellow sneaky snackers: his wife, Heather, their kids, Cal and Lilly, and their two dogs, Lando and Leia.


  • Stumped by some Star Wars trivia? Nick is one with the Force, and the one with the answers.
  • Nick loves to cook. Ask him for a homemade breakfast of pancakes, maple bacon, roasted potatoes and fried eggs.
  • Called “Turtle” by a teacher in school, Nick likes to think it’s because he was deliberate in his actions (but he realizes it may have been because he tended to turn in his homework late).

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