Lindsey Raifsnider


Lindsey likes keeping things organized and seeing the work she does out in the real world, so she joined the advertising industry to serve local and global brands. She earned her bachelor’s degree in communication studies with an emphasis in human relations from Texas Christian University and worked previously as a brand marketing director and account manager for Immotion Studios, representing noteworthy companies such as Family Dollar and Martha Stewart Kitchen. Lindsey joined Balcom’s project management team in 2022, and is solely dedicated to supervising and managing client projects for Smith+Nephew. Originally from Chicago, she currently lives in Fort Worth with her husband, Joseph; and dog, Shiner.


  • Lindsey is the queen of comfort: She has a bean bag chair that’s so big, it can convert into a king-size bed.
  • Lindsey loves to read, especially murder mystery, romantic comedy and suspense novels. Last year alone, she read a total of 61 books.
  • Lindsey is a self-professed shoe addict, currently owning an expansive collection of nearly 100 pairs of shoes.

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