Lauren Bice


Lauren loves computer science and working with companies, so she joined the advertising industry to help brands build and improve their online presence. She holds a bachelor’s degree in web design and development from DeVry University and previously worked as a freelancer before joining the B. Now, she helps create new websites and update existing ones for the agency’s clients. A native of Mesquite, Texas, she lives in Burleson with her husband, two daughters and dog.


  • Lauren helped break a Guinness World Record for the largest toy pistol fight as a participant in Jared’s Epic NERF Battle.
  • Lauren is a woman of many talents – including glassblowing, reading while hula hooping and playing multiple musical instruments – but can’t wink or whistle to save her life.
  • Lauren refuses to eat soggy food and confessed she has to “feel every French fry” to ensure it’s crispy enough to eat.

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