Gabbie Shafer


In the past, Gabbie has affectionately been called “the last line of defense.” And it’s true. She’s the last stop to ensure accurate and polished materials are sent to every client. With her collection of grammar references and an English degree from the University of North Texas in tow, she brings more than eight years of invaluable copy editing experience to her role at Balcom. She’s worked in digital news, for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and with Lockheed Martin's digital marketing team. She’s also volunteered with multiple nonprofits. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Gabbie now lives in Fort Worth, which has always felt like another home to her. She loves knitting, crocheting and spending quality time with her husband, Kris, their wonderful son, Barret, and their dog, Kilo.


  • Gabbie enjoys gamifying everyday tasks – like turning hydration into a challenge, sneaking sips of her husband’s water when he isn't looking.
  • Does that word have an o or an e? Just ask Gabbie. She’s been a spelling champ since elementary school.
  • “Summer days, driftin’ away …” If you see Gabbie, ask her about her musical theater performance as Sandy in “Grease.”

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