Eric Redmond


Eric loved to draw as a kid, then entered college planning to sketch out a career as an architect. But like any true doodler, Eric was drawn back to design, turning over a new leaf to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in communication design from the University of North Texas. His talent was soon illustrated by wins in the Davey Awards, the Communicator Awards, Graphic Design USA competitions and the Dallas Society of Visual Communications Show. Building on nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, Eric entered the Balcom picture in February 2020 and is using his artistic prowess for clients such as Smith+Nephew and Sinclair Oil. It’s no surprise his design expertise has helped the team bring home several ADDY Awards. Originally from Marshall, Texas, Eric now lives in Denton where he spends his days torturing – er, entertaining – his wife and sons with onslaughts of puns.


  • In addition to being a pun king, Eric is also a grill king, smoking and searing various cuts to tender perfection.
  • Eric is a sci-fi/fantasy nerd, so if you challenge him to a trivia showdown about the Barghest or the Chiss, he will cook your goose for second breakfast.

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