Christine Cantrell


Christine began her career at Balcom as an intern in college and has since returned several times; she describes herself as a "boomerang.” During each of her Balcom internships, she showed persistence and an inquisitive attitude that led Balcom to ask her back for good. Christine also earned a B.S. in advertising and public relations from Abilene Christian University, where she led the student-run advertising and PR agency, Morris & Mitchell, as a group account director. She then served as an account manager at Elmore Public Relations in Houston before returning to Balcom as account manager in 2016. She currently resides in Fort Worth with her husband, Ryan. 


  • Christine is a die-hard Chick-fil-A fan. She once camped out at a Chick-fil-A for 24 hours in the cold and rain to win free food at the chain for one year (she has a knack for finding weird food promotions and coupons).
  • After working with Houston Grand Opera for several years, Christine is a closet opera lover. 
  • Christine is a sports fanatic. One of her favorite sports to play? Pickleball – a combination of tennis and Ping-Pong.