Chase Correll


Chase went to college to become a neuroscientist but always dreamed of having a creative career. After falling fast into the world of writing during a few of his English courses, switching his field of study from the science of the nervous system to the art of communication was a no-brainer. Chase went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in creative writing with a minor in psychology from the University of North Texas and later landed copywriting roles with companies like Sleepy Cotton, Mercatalyst, Z2Data and USAA. He brings four years of experience developing content and creative concepts to the B Team, first joining the agency in 2020, then freelancing before returning full time in 2022. Dallas born and bred, Chase now lives in San Antonio with his wife, two dogs and surviving Haworthia succulent.


  • Chase has an impressive perception of time. On several occasions, without looking at his watch or a clock, he has accurately guessed the time of day down to the exact minute.
  • Chase likes experimenting with different foods and drinks. Recently, he discovered drinking Topo Chico with Black Cherry MiO tastes like Dr Pepper.
  • Want a complete stranger to dissect class antagonisms of your favorite animated movies? Chase is your guy!

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