Aaron Merritt


Wanting to turn his passion into a profession, Aaron decided to “go pro” – and become a production artist. After attending the University of Minnesota and St. Cloud State University and earning a degree in 2D media and printmaking, he made a name for himself as someone who combines a great attention to detail with an ability to manage multiple projects as a graphic designer and production artist at Robert Half; a senior production artist at PSA Worldwide LLC; and a digital media assistant at Graham Olsen. Originally from Minnetonka, Minnesota, Aaron now lives with his girlfriend, Brenda, in Fort Morgan, Colorado, where he enjoys making art and tending to his plants.


  • Aaron loves some sci-fi – with Warhammer 40k and Dune ranking among his favorites.
  • Wondering what kind of car you just saw? Ask Aaron, and he’ll know.
  • Aaron has a knack for visualization and can “see” ahead of time how different elements can fit together. It’s no wonder he was the king of Legos as a kid.

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