Logan Fisher


Logan is part gorgeous beast and part lovable teddy bear. His humans, Jamie and Mike, had missed having a dog in their life for several years after their beloved border collie mix, Smitty, passed away, so they promised their daughter Mary Rae they would get a puppy when she was old enough. They adopted Logan through 4Paws2Love as a birthday gift when she turned 7. He was supposed to be a blue heeler / Australian cattle dog mix – but as he rapidly blew past his expected final weight of 55 pounds, Jamie and Mike did an online DNA test and discovered he was a German shepherd / black lab mix. They love him anyway. Now a fixture of the household, Logan specializes in sit, stay and catch. In his spare time, he also enjoys sitting on people’s feet and eating paper towels.


  • Now nearing age 7 in dog years, Logan is closing in on 80 pounds.
  • Logan, the supposed Australian cattle dog, was named after a certain superhero played by an Australian actor.