What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the number one CMS (content management system) in use today, boasting over 26 percent of all websites, with nearly 60 percent CMS market share. That means three out of every five websites made with a CMS are made with WordPress.

Because WordPress is open-source (which keeps the cost free), thousands of developers and millions of users make WordPress better and better, every single day. Security is tight, problems are fixed often within the same day they are discovered, and there is less worry for clients and developers alike. The CMS also features over 44,000 different plugins – pieces of code that expand the ability of WordPress to do things like add photo galleries, contact forms, maps and more.

WordPress didn’t gain its popularity from simple name recognition. It started out in 2003 as a blog system with a user-friendly control panel that made adding content a breeze. WordPress developers soon learned that users needed to quickly publish their content without having to think too much about the process. A few short years after WordPress’ initial launch, it had become the CMS for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine and more sites every day.

WordPress shows content is king

When it comes to your website, content is king. WordPress’ system allows content creators and marketing professionals to focus solely on their content, without worrying about learning complicated systems, or using unfamiliar or untested methods of publishing.

From the points of view of designers and developers, WordPress’ standardized system makes it easy to create a site either with an existing template or with a completely custom design tailored to you and your brand (Balcom’s preference).

“WordPress’ standardized system makes it easy to create a site either with an existing template or with a completely custom design (Balcom’s preference).”

WordPress is a great CMS that is easy to learn, especially when it comes to managing content after the site’s launch. Want to add a new feature? That won’t take long. Want to add an additional page? Boom, done in seconds. Here at Balcom, we love WordPress for small, brochure-type sites and specifically focused projects.

Larger and broader customization with Drupal

In addition to WordPress, Balcom also uses Drupal CMS. Drupal is even more customizable and built for complete control over those custom elements for any sort of marketing strategy you might have.

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