Smile Till Your Face Hurts

I can’t stop smiling, and my cheeks are killing me.

Carol and the team of coworkers from Balcom Agency

I was just at a luncheon, watching Carol Glover receive the AAF Silver Medal, the highest honor bestowed by a local chapter. And amongstbig laughs, standing ovations and a few happy tears, there was endless, uncontrollable smiling. 

Even as a writer, I can’t put into words why Carol is so amazing,how she makes our team love what we do. But being in a room full of people who all know it, who are all feeling that wordless thing – I just can’t stop smiling. 

This day wasn’t really for Carol – if she’d had her way, she would’ve had them ship the award – it was for all the people who love her. To remind ourselves how lucky we are to work with, laugh with and learn from her. To celebrate something that’s going rightwith the world.

And it feels awesome.

So whether or not you know our Champion of Wow, take sometime to remember how blessed you are to have great people in your life, and have the courage to tell them (even if it makes them uncomfortable). It’s healthy. It’s what being on a team is all about. And it’ll just plain make you happy.

Just make sure you do some face stretches first.

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