Short. Simple. Sweet.

Ah, Valentine's Day. It comes but once a year, but what a great day. What a fantastic day! We all should celebrate our love.

My love?

My iPhone (seriously, ask my wife)

What's not to love? It has everything (well almost) that you could need: GPS, Maps, Text (I don't like to talk on the phone), Music, Movies, Games. It's a mini-computer.

It even washes your car! Wait a minute. That's not true. Sorry. Got carried away.

Although I do love my iPhone, I have been trying to limit my use of it (snickers and jeers from all over).

I thought I would share the best tip I have for reducing your dependency on the greatest invention since sliced bread.

  • Step One: Choose the four most important, most used apps
  • Step Two: Move those to the dock (any order will do)
  • Step Three: Take every other app from the home screen and move to other pages (how you organize those other pages is up to you)

RESULT: Now you will have something very similar to what you see in the picture above (actual screenshot of my iPhone, but not my hand). When you go to unlock your iPhone to do something you won't be distracted by all those silly things like Facebook, Words With Friends, etc. Just the essentials. The four essentials you chose in Step One. If you need to get to the other apps, simply swipe.


Try it for a few days and see what you think.

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