See Balcom’s Winning Work: The 2021 Fort Worth American Advertising Awards

Every year, our team turns out award-winning work for our clients. We feel fortunate that we were still able to deliver for them in such a chaotic year. In addition to real-world campaign success, we earned our clients 28 total awards for 2020 work in the 2021 American Advertising Awards Gala for the Fort Worth chapter of the American Advertising Federation – including Best of Interactive.

Check out the work and learn a little more about the strategy behind it.

Sinclair Oil Corporation

This American-owned oil and gas company outscores the bigger brands in credibility and trust, and their new website reinforces the sentiment. Balcom designed the site to create action-focused information such as the amenities on station locator pages, also incorporating brand-centered content, from promotions for some of America’s most beautiful, road-trip worthy roads to inspiring stories from the company’s rich history. The site earned a silver as well as Best of Interactive, the highest award in its category.

Balcom also earned a silver award and the local-only “The Pivot” (aka The Ross Geller Award) for moving quickly to create an all-new creative campaign and media strategy for Sinclair during the summer, when lockdowns made existing creative – focused on travel – less relevant. The new creative, “American drive” used existing and stock footage to celebrate the essential workers who were still on the road and driving America!


Dairy MAX

Dairy farmers were into sustainability before it was cool, and our video campaign for regional dairy council Dairy MAX celebrates that. The concept draws from the internet trend of composing music by layering together sounds into a rhythm. We used a combination of existing and stock footage from dairy farms to create a “Sustainable Symphony” based on sounds of the farm with help from partner Secret Powers. A little poetic copywriting ties it all together, and the video points viewers to, a landing page with impressive stats about the dairy industry’s environmental advancements. Balcom earned two gold awards and one bronze for the campaign, as well as a bronze award for logo design in another Dairy MAX project, Nutrition NOW.


Cook Children’s Health Care System

When Cook Children’s Health Care System approached Balcom to create its 2020 television advertising campaign, the request was twofold: highlight the pediatrician network while also showing Cook Children’s complex care capabilities. For the first ask, we created the “Big Story” spots, which featured minor illnesses and injuries from the (often differing) viewpoints of both parents and children. These relatable spots served to remind parents that Cook Children’s is there for them, no matter the need. For the second request, we featured the true-life stories of two complex care patients, showing how Cook Children’s not only addresses their medical conditions, but also does everything possible to make sure those conditions don't keep them from living their lives as the kids they are.


Cavender’s: JRC & Sons Bootmakers

This family-owned western clothing retailer was already well known for a wide selection of brands at more than 85 locations across the country. But after the second-generation owners said goodbye to their father and company founder, James R. Cavender, they wanted to honor his legacy with their own line of boots, made the way he would have made them. While Cavender’s designed the product, they turned to Balcom to develop the branding. Ultimately, the three brothers chose a logo and look inspired by the bobwhite quail, James Cavender’s favorite species to hunt – making for a unique brand identity that also holds deep personal significance for the family. The branding won two silver awards and two bronze.


Mrs. Renfro’s

Continuing the work for this local, family-owned, internationally recognized salsa brand, which also won big last year, we created campaign materials across print magazines, social media and more to celebrate the ongoing theme “True to family. True to flavor.” The creative promotes unique product varieties with a mix of the fun-loving spirit and real history of the Renfro family. This year, the campaign earned one silver award and seven bronze.


Brock Athletics

The shutdown of sports across the country was devastating to many, especially student athletes whose social lives and academic careers are so tightly woven with team sports. Athletics departments across the country sought to keep the spirit alive until the kids could get back on the field with “Lights of Hope,” an ongoing tribute to the Friday night stadium lights that symbolize the experience for so many. Balcom’s multimedia creative director, a Brock athletics dad and former Brock coach, spearheaded this video to share the sentiment with local students, parents and fans on social media. The video spread beyond its audience, as hundreds across the state shared it, including sports publications and head coaches at other schools. The video earned a silver award.


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