A Perfect Example of Technology Run Amuck

I have a theory.

We are approaching a time where technology is attempting to replace basic human interaction, thought and intelligence.

We need to remember who we are. Humans. We are not machines.

These so-called emerging technologies (in the video above) merely replace basic human effort. If we start allowing computers to make our decisions, we lose one of humankind's basic truths: free thought and creativity.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the internet, and think its an incredible, invaluable creation. I use it everyday, and my livelyhood is built around it. I just feel we should be looking for ways to better ourselves through it.

I also believe this is already happening. We caught a glimpse of it when Chris Hughes orchestrated the online portion of President Obama's campaign. He used the Internet to virtually mobilize people in real time in real space.

My theory: a big component of Web 3.0 will be empowering people via the internet to accomplish real things in real life.

There is a social consciousness to move into the future wheretechnology truly helps us as humans evolve and live our lives withoutdestroying our planet and each other (good example: Honda FCX Clarity).

Not all my posts will be this heavy. Promise. But, I've been thinking about this one for quite awhile and wanted to get it out there.

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