Mother's Day Gift Advice

When it comes to holidays, one of the toughest for men to shop for is Mother's Day.

The lucky ones only have to shop for their moms. The others have to shop for both their mom AND their wife. Double whammy!

I'm no expert, but one thing I know for sure: 

It's all in the presentation

It's not necessarily about WHAT you give them, but HOW. This is especially true for the wives.

Follow these simple rules:

  • B Thoughtful
  • B Considerate
  • B Sincere
  • B Understanding of all the things mothers go through (It's about 10,000% more than what you are already thinking)
Then wrap it up in super, nice packaging and present it to her.
With a hug.
And a kiss.
Say Thank you, and I love you.
A good rule of thumb: Spend more time on the presentation then figuring out what to get her.


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