6 Ways Traditional Advertising Can Drive People to Your Website

Traditional advertising is still very much in the picture. But if your goal is to get more web traffic, you have to do more than just add a URL to the end of your outdoor boards, print ads, direct mail, TV commercials or radio spots. You have to make it ultra clear why they want to visit your website. 

Here are a few ways to do that.

1. Make visiting the website your main call to action. On the billboard, TV spot or postcard, literally ask them to go to the website, versus calling a number or visiting a physical location.

2. Tell them how the site will benefit them in the call to action. Don't just say visit our website – tell them what they'll get out of it. For instance: 

  • Learn more at website.com
  • Get tickets at website.com
  • Compare prices at website.com
  • Get a free sample at website.com

3. Try using a memorable URL. A fun, unique URL is more likely to stick in your customer's mind and entice them to find out more – like:

4. Offer something exclusively online. Something cool they can only get on your website: 

  • Promo code discount/downloadable coupon
  • Contest or sweepstakes
  • Free sample, trial or evaluation

5. Create urgency by limiting the time frame of the offer. (Hurry – the sale ends Wednesday.)

6. Get them involved. Spark community interaction by asking people to share stories or suggestions. With the Can He Rope It challenge for Justin Boots, we asked people to send in funny roping challenges to trick-roper Anthony Lucia for a chance to win a pair of Justin Boots.

Try some of these out on your next campaign and let us know how it worked for you.


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