Balcom's Top Videos: 2017

Video is big. Really big. Global consumer Internet video traffic is predicted to account for 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2019, and social video already generates 1,200 percent more shares than text and images combined.

That’s why Balcom is working to create more and better video for all our clients. Here are some of our favorite video projects from 2017.


Dairy MAX: BUILT with Chocolate Milk – Tyrone Crawford Video

We had the chance to film Dallas football pro Tyrone Crawford, Dairy MAX’s chocolate milk spokesman, but not much time for the concept, script and approvals before the shoot. We’d also only have two hours to capture stills and video of Tyrone. We landed on a concept based on Tyrone’s signature hashtag, #WorkK, wrote a script for him and partnered with the Brock High School football team – who later became state finalists – to shoot action footage. We then edited both an upbeat “hype” video to pump up players, and this slower “Texas football” version, which played on the heartstrings of the Dave Campbell's Texas Football audience.



Dairy MAX: Fuel Up to Play 60 Assembly Video

Dairy MAX needed a new video to accompany the 30-minute assembly they host for select schools who have completed the in-school wellness program Fuel Up to Play 60. It can be a struggle for a nonprofit organization to find affordable talent, so we worked with puppeteer and designer James Kemp to create original puppets that could serve as Dairy MAX’s talent in multiple videos long-term. We wrote and produced the 20+ minute interactive video, partnering with Secret Powers to create the animations as well as this auto-tune recap.



Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival: Recap Video

We had several events to cover during the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival, North Texas’ most celebrated cuisine and beverage festival. Our mission was to capture the unique experience of each event and show the craveability of the food. We shot for three days straight, collecting a library of footage that could be used for multiple videos, from short social boomerangs to longer event recaps like the one here.



Kubota: Georgia Grown Video

To highlight Kubota's Georgia factory in a series of trade shows for Georgia Grown (a marketing and economic development program of the Georgia Department of Agriculture), we created a video appealing to the pride and nostalgia of local Georgians. We used existing product and factory footage from the client, as well as paid stock and footage generously shared by the Georgia Film Commission, then added a voice-over script that incorporated classic Georgia references, with a local accent provided by our talent, TK Kellman.



Sinclair: “Performance You’ll Notice” TV Commercial

Market research indicated we needed to convey the high quality of Sinclair’s DINOCARE™, a TOP TIER™ gasoline, so we used sci-fi movie wonder and a little humor to show how even the most high-tech drivers choose Sinclair. We needed the perfect location – a well-kept Sinclair station in a sparse area, with staging space for equipment, and the willingness to close down for two nights of shooting – which we found in Elko, Nevada. The team had to coordinate various elements on set, from our main characters to professional race car driver Michael Self, his Sinclair-sponsored stock car and a crowd of curious onlookers. Director Ben Davis and producer Chris Rodriguez helped us achieve the cinematic tone the spot needed, while Secret Powers helped us bring the UFO to life with a mixture of practical and special effects.



Sinclair: Times Square Video

Over the past few years, Sinclair Oil Corporation has displayed their iconic DINO character as a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This year, we also booked Sinclair a Times Square package that included the largest billboard in the area. We wanted to communicate Sinclair’s brand theme: Warm, Fuzzy, Family Road Trip Fun (or “WiFFeR-TiF”), so we borrowed an idea we’d presented to Sinclair as a possible holiday card. With animation and some new copy, the video served as a heartwarming holiday message for the New York audience.


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