7 YouTube Channels I love

If you read my last post, you know I'm a major YouTube junkie. The so-called amateurs who produce YouTube content are so talented, I'm starting to think traditional TV is going the way of the cassette tape. And I've just been waiting for an excuse to write about my favorite 'Tube channels. So happy Valentine's Day!

    1. HISHEdotcom
      How It Should Have Ended produces short animated parodies of how new and classic movies should have ended.


    2. ImprovEverywhere
      Improv Everywhere plays elaborate pranks on the unsuspecting public – but pranks that make people happy instead of angry.


  1. ItsJustSomeRandomGuy
    ItsJustSomeRandomGuy started out doing Mac/PC commercial spoofs using Marvel and DC comic book action figures. Pretty nerdy, right? But well written and totally hilarious. This sample video is the fourth installment in the Ironman vs. Batman series.


  2. Vlogbrothers
    Hank and John Green are brothers living in different states, who decided to communicate with each other via vlog (video blog). Since 2007, they've amassed a huge fan base (known as the Nerdfighters), with more subscribers than Oprah. John and Hank always have something interesting to say; either informative, though-provoking, funny, or all three.


  3. SmilingLimpet
    Ed Stockham, aka SmilingLimpet, is a little-known animator-videographer guy. This particular video is so charming I just want to hug my computer every time I see it.


  4. RhettandLink
    These guys take vlogging to a whole new level. It was super hard to choose a sample video here, but I finally had to pick this one over Ultimate Caption Fail.


  5. CharlieIsSoCoolLike
    He's really just a guy in a room with a camera. And sometimes a ukelele. But perhaps the simplicity of his videos is what allows his cleverness to shine through.

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