Vikki Phy


Vikki brings marvelous energy to every marketing mission. With over 30 years’ experience, she has managed projects, traffic and customer relationships at agencies including TracyLocke, Loomis and Schaefer Advertising Co. for brands such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Golden Chick, Frito-Lay and Dell. She originally fell in love with advertising while at the University of Houston, earning a degree in physical education, when she took a job typing purchase orders at an agency. Now, she makes the magic happen at Balcom for Kubota Tractor Corporation. When she’s not busy keeping the B Team on track, she’s helping friends and family with home organization and personal shopping. A sixth-generation Texan, Vikki lives in Fort Worth with her husband, Joe. They have four kids, two grandkids and a dog.


  • Vikki started a sewing business called Keep You in Stitches, which sold Texas-themed potty training underwear to department stores.
  • Vikki was an organizer even as a child, organizing the neighborhood kids to perform talent shows, parades and plays.