Paul Bennett Duncan


Before discovering his interest in the advertising industry, Bennett wanted to become a forensic psychologist. But after taking his first class in media planning, he was hooked. Bennett completed his bachelor’s degree in mass communications at the University of South Florida and went on to earn three years of experience working as a digital media intern and digital media coordinator at PPK, then media planner at Mediasmith. Bringing his talents to Balcom in 2022, Bennett now helps the B Team plan, buy and manage digital media for Smith+Nephew (Advanced Wound Management), Hippo Sak, Sinclair Oil and Cook Children’s Health Care System. He hails from Jacksonville, Florida, but now lives in Tampa with his significant other and dog. An outdoorsman and creative soul, Bennett enjoys hiking, water sports, cross country running, archery, playing soccer and writing.


  • Bennett lived in China for a month during middle school to help bring his two adopted siblings home. During his stay, he visited many famous landmarks, including the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City.
  • Bennett is double jointed and extremely flexible; he can even put his leg behind his head.
  • Bennett has an awful sense of smell and taste, so you probably should avoid asking him to make a meal.

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