Katie Brinegar


A lover of true crime podcasts as well as all things organized, Katie is always up for a stimulating challenge; her high energy and keen attention to detail keep the office running smoothly. Before joining the B Team, she previously worked at CPA firm Hedman Partners in Valencia, California, as an administrative assistant then billing administrator. Now as Front Desk Coordinator – managing administrative projects, front desk tasks and everyday office needs – Katie ensures her fellow B Teamers (whom she has dubbed “B’all”) can focus on clients. She lives in Benbrook with her husband Jason and their son. They have a dog, Tyson Ferguson, and cat, Linus “the finest” O’Brien.


  • Katie can crochet anything from baby dresses and blankets to sweaters, scarves and cowls.
  • Katie keeps her swearing PG – and chocolatey. Instead of darn or dang it, you may hear her exclaim, “Fudge!”

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